After-sales & Management Service

We are in the  business of villa and apartment management services for several years now. We have thorough knowledge of managing the Villa and apartment of any size. With our experience, we understand the intricacies involved in managing such buildings.
We leave no stone unturned to keep the villa and the apartment in perfect condition all through the year. We ensure that at any point of time, the villa is kept in a ready to occupy condition for the guests. Our dedicated staff is aware that managing a villa is much more challenging than managing your home.

Routine payments:

We are aware that villa and apartment management has several routines, which will have to be religiously attended to. There are also certain issues like payment of taxes and utility bills like gas, electricity, water, DASK building insurance, premium of insurance and such other services, which will have to be paid before the due date. We do not believe in postponing actions; we ensure all these payments are made much  before the due date.


 Apartments are places where in addition to  the residents large number of visitors will also be visiting the building. Villas are places where esteemed guests will be staying.  These places need cleaning on a day to day basis. The common area of the apartment has to be cleaned every day. On the other hand, the interior and exterior of the villa also need cleaning on a day to day basis. Our experienced staff will attend to every aspect of routine cleaning of villas and apartments.

Pool cleaning:

We also have a batch of experienced horticultural assistants who take care of the garden around the villa and the apartment. In addition to these, we also undertake to clean the pool, and also the places surrounding the pool. We disinfect the surrounding so as to keep the pool in perfect hygienic condition.

Regular inspection:

Our dedicated staff makes regular inspection of all the utilities available in the villa. They make similar inspections of the common utility area of the apartment. If our staff notices any malfunctioning of the utilities, they make arrangements to fix the problem in the earliest possible time.

Laundry services:

Laundry service is one of the very important aspects in the villa service. The bed spreads and linen need routine washing. Sometimes even the guests may prefer to avail the laundry service. We ensure to provide the best possible laundry services.

Emergency calls:

If the residents of apartment or the guests of villa need airport pick up and drop service, we arrange it at the most competitive rental charges. We provide this service even at a short notice. If there are any emergencies, just call us, and we will take proactive steps to attend to emergency calls.

Other services:

We also provide you pre visiting shopping service; just tell us your requirements and we will ensure the materials are bought for you. Tell us your furniture requirements, we even undertake to buy the furniture for you. Maid service facility is one of our specialized services; we assure our maid service is most trustworthy. Some of our other services include baby sitting, landscaping and home improvement.

Periodical accounts:

We believe in transparency in every action. We provide periodical statement of accounts with all the necessary proof of payment. Our service charges are quite minimal.

Call us:

Call us or send an email, and we will take the earliest opportunity to meet you and discuss your requirements. This will help us to offer the best services. 


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