When foreign residents choose to visit Southern Turkey, whether for a holiday or to see if they can buy property here, the Antalya International Airport is where they first land. Although there are a few flights to Ghaziposa airport in nearby Alanya, Antalya is where they start viewing the impressive real estate development in these regions, and the lovely apartments and villas and houses near the Mediterranean beaches. Anyone would be quite swept away by the sights, and many among the non residents would want to explore the option of getting a Turkish Residence Permit and settle down in Antalya.

Easy to Locate Properties

Property Search in Antalya is not a very difficult task. There are many Antalya broker firms that operate, and they will have their dedicated websites with descriptions of photos of properties for sale and for rental purposes available all over Antalya. Take a look at the Homes for Sale in Antalya and study them is detail. If you had visited these places for your last holidays, and you have a fair idea of the topography, you will know how good the locations are from the living point of view. Besides the nearness to the lifestyle needs like shopping conveniences and transport facilities, you would have to know if there are any other special attractions in the location. This can work both ways. A nearness to the beach could be a great advantage if you are going to make Antalya your retirement home; but the price you have to pay for the property in Antalya, if it is close to the beach, could be higher. You will need to do a comparison to see if the price for Apartments for sale in Antalya in an interior location is cheaper. The property broker in Antalya would be the best source to guide you in these matters. For all you know, there could be houses in Antalya, which are not very far from the beach but still available on bargain prices. 

If you have managed to get the residence permit to live and work in Turkey, then it makes a lot of sense to invest in real estate in Antalya. Look at the whole range being presented to you. You must already have a budget to buy property in Antalya, and you will want every Euro you plan to shell out to get you something more. These are the finer differences you can notice between the different projects. If you want to book a home in a new project which is under construction, and the finished building may be ready within a reasonable 8 to 12 months’ time, you can go for it.

If you select such Antalya apartments, you need to pay only a fraction of the current price upfront and the remaining in installments as the construction progresses. You will definitely save on the overall acquisition of the property in Antalya. You will also have the benefit of making a few trips to Antalya before you start living there, and these trips will give you the benefit of familiarizing yourself with the place and the surroundings.     


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