Emerging as one of the most vital tourism centres in Turkey, there are practically more hotels, lodges and holiday houses in Belek compared with the actual local people’s houses. Funny but true! The reason for the high number of tourist centric properties in Belek, and the high number of tourists coming to Belek are many. It’s nice and sandy beaches, and the high-quality  mineral water which is naturally found here from the seven springs. Besides, the hotel and spa industry has become very organized, and profound under the warm tourist attention the town gets through the year. Lots of entertainment facilities are here in Belek to keep the tourists engrossed in activities. The best among them is golf.

Yes, Belek is a golfers’ paradise. The town has a small population. But with the small population also, the town has emerged as one of the golfers’ hotspots in Turkey. Based on this sport the town has emerged not just as a vacation and holiday destination, but as a Golfing destination too. People coming on a holiday visit this town first and look for a golf apartment in Belek.

This has not just been good for the tourists, but also has been a boon for the businessmen and entrepreneurs trying to cash out as much as possible from this tourism industry. Business-minded  people can easily take advantage of the golf loving tourists coming to Belek, by first buying cheap apartments in Belek, which are close to the golf courses and the beaches. If you are unsure about buying, and don’t want to put your money at stake so soon, then you can mortgage also. Information on mortgages Belek Turkey wide can be obtained online to get news about mortgages available at low rent.
Any one can buy property in Turkey. You do not require residence permit to buy property in Turkey.  Further, if you are planning to avail loan for buying the real estate in Turkey we will provide all the assistance to buy a golf villa in Belek. We will interact with reputed financial institutions and help you in securing loan at the reasonable rate of interest. This loan facility would be available to foreign nationals.
However if you are planning to relocate to Turkey, then you would require residence permit. Then your villa will become an expatriate housing Belek based. Getting a Turkish residence permit, however, is not difficult. Submission of the right papers to the Immigrations department Turkey will do the job, and you will get your permit. You may go for a short term residence permit first. After completing a few years in Turkey, you will get a long term permit too.

Next, you should look for residence for sale Belek. Once you get a property in Belek, close to the golf courses, you will know that this is what will interest the tourists most. Keeping the rental much affordable compared to the star hotels, while enhancing facilities and appearance of the villa, will help you grab attention of the tourists. With increasing attention and good revenue coming from your existing vacation homes, you can then buy houses in Belek, to make them into more vacation homes.

Tourists coming to the place for long stays would always prefer a villa close to the golf courses. Incorporating a spa or massage centre in their villa can add more attraction to it. There are several other modes of entertainment you can add for great tourism based business in Belek.


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