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If you are planning to relocate in the midst of stunning natural beauty, Turkey could be one of the ideal options. It is for this reason many people from across the world are now looking for real estate properties in Turkey.
We care for your investment:

If you are looking for real estate properties in Turkey, you may call us or send us an Email. With our decades of experience, we will be able to assist you in locating a suitable property in Turkey. We also take care of your investment portfolio. We have tie ups with leading banks in Turkey that provide mortgage loans to foreign investors. We ensure to provide all the necessary assistance so as to secure mortgage loan from leading banks in Turkey.
Securing finance for buying real estate property in a foreign country is a challenging task. However, we at Key properties will ensure that foreign investors would avail the benefit of mortgage loan from leading banks of Turkey. We also ensure the entire process of availing the loan is hassle free. This is because, we are very much familiar with the prevailing rules regarding mortgages in Turkey.
Our experience matters:
Of course, you may not be familiar with all the rules relating to mortgage loan in Turkey. Availing mortgage loan involves considerable paperwork,  and we undertake to do all these for you. In fact, we even ensure to secure pre-approved mortgage loan for our clients.  Such loans are available even to foreign investors. In fact, foreign investors can derive greater benefits by buying real estate in Turkey. We take the lead to show how you can save money by investing in Turkey's real estate.
Mortgage facility is available for buying, home improvement, renovation and such other tasks. In the normal course, mortgage loans are restricted to 75% of the buying value of the property. These norms are applicable on both domestic and foreign investors. If you are repaying the mortgage loan in terms of Euros, then you will enjoy the benefit of variable rates of interest. Our experienced staff will explain to you the salient features of every type of mortgage loan. This will help you to choose the loan pattern that suits your repayment capability.
Most favorable EMI:
Some of our clients buy real estate in Turkey as a matter of investment. We help such clients to get mortgage loan from any of the reputed banks in Turkey. For example, a two bedroom apartment in Turkey would cost you about 40000 euros. The monthly EMI for this amount is around 275 euros. If you are not planning to relocate to Turkey, you can give the apartment on rent, which will fetch you amount that is enough to pay the EMI. Therefore, your wallet is not burdened with the EMI for buying the apartment.
Call us to guide you:

Before investing your hard money in real estate you should consider various aspects like the location of the property, existing market rate, rental value, titles to the property and so many other factors. Just call us and our professional representative will visit you and provide you every detail regarding the property. He will assist you in every aspect of locating, negotiating the price and also in buying the property.
Avail the best deal:
Whether you are a national of Turkey or a foreign investor, we ensure that every client gets the best deal in the mortgage loan. We have a team of highly dedicated and abundantly trained staff who will provide every detail on the various types of mortgage loans. All these will help you to avail the mortgage loan with the most favorable EMI. 


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