Kas Kalkan

Kas has been attracting tourists to its sunny beaches for long stays and nice vacations for decades. So beautiful is the city of Kas, close to the Antalya province in Turkey that people have been flocking to the city in search of a nice and peaceful vacation, while enjoying some thrilling water activities on the sea through the year. There is no off-season in Kas. Tourists come there around the year because of the fantastic climate of the place, and look for reasonably priced villas in Kas. And investors come here from abroad to look for properties in Kas, and then buy a house in Kas.

Hence, two types of people come to Kas. One type is the tourists, who have an eternal interest in the natural beauty and comfortable climate of the city. And, other are the people, who are enthusiastic to invest in real estate and try the hospitality business in Kas. You also can be one of the investors. Do not worry if you are not a citizen of Turkey. You can get the Turkish residence permit in a few days by a not so complicated application procedure. And then you will get the residence permit to live and work in Turkey.

Next, you can look for affordable housing in Kas to buy. There are villas for sale with flexible instalment plans in Kas. And you may even start your search for property in Kas even when you are staying abroad and waiting for the work permit of Turkey. Buying apartments abroad is one golden way to start it right for your own vacation home.

When you are looking for houses for sale in Kas, always keep in mind that tourists coming to Kas come for the water sports, yachting, fishing and such activities, and won’t want to stay away from the sea. Hence, your accommodation in Kas must be as close to the sea as possible. The sea facing or beachfront apartments for sale in Kas, sell first. You will have to negotiate the price, and then buy one, close to the sea.

After you have bought a villa in Kas, your next job should be to transform it fully to a vacation home full of luxuries, furnishing and modern amenities. The tourists taking it on rent must be fully satisfied after the stay, and if not for the beauty of Kas, they should stay back for more days for the villa. It is then, that you will get more attention and reputation, and will get year-round  revenue from your vacation villa through rents only.

To start with the plan, you should look at the site for Immigration administration of Turkey, and apply online for your work and residence permit. Side by side, you must start searching for the best vacation rentals and houses in Kas. Once you get your permit, you should settle in Kas for the time to complete your property deal and work on the holiday home. Eventually, you can advertise for tenants too and leave it on the mesmerizing Kas to bring tenants to you.


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