How To Reap The Most Out Of The Highly Tourist Visited Kemer

The city which never had so many inhabitants, buildings, and urbanization just three decades ago is now the centre of tourism and entertainment in Turkey. It’s none other than Kemer. The place was once just a small village town with a small population, few houses and maximum three storied buildings. Now, the place is the seat of luxury vacation lovers, who are attracted by the stony beaches of Kemer stretching from the Beldibi to Tekirova. Additional attraction, which adds to the beauty of the beach city is the pine forests with the backdrop of the Taurus Mountains. This creates the ambience for the perfect vacation spot in Kemer.

People visiting Kemer, come here not just for a day or two, but to spend a week or more. And stay in the vacation homes built in and around the city which promises total luxury and leisure. That is why the tourist centric place has developed lots of vacation rentals, villas, houses and apartments, which are owned by business enthusiasts staying in Kemer, and are rented by vacation lovers.

Just because of the high number of tourists visiting Kemer, foreigners staying around Turkey have found a great source of income by investing in real estate in Kemer. If you are aspiring to get into a business, which yields very quickly, you can plan buying apartments abroad, just as in Kemer. Then you can design the house into a vacation villa in Kemer with all the amenities and luxuries, which can allure the guests to rent it for days.

It’s just because of the booming tourist industry and the high number of tourists preferring sea facing affordable villas in Kemer that the real estate industry has boomed here so much. Foreigners are getting hold of brokers in Kemer to acquire cheap properties here. And, with a little search, real estate for sale with flexible instalment plans is available.

However, even before you look for property in Kemer, you must get your Turkish residence permit. Being a foreigner you cannot do business in Turkey unless you get the residence permit to live and work in Turkey. On getting your permit, you can then look for apartments for sale in Kemer. The demand for the houses in and around the city is because of the beautiful landscape. People want accommodation in Kemer around the beaches watching the sea. That is why when you buy a house in Kemer, make sure that it’s placed near the sea.

Your tenants would look for sea facing affordable housing in Kemer, placed as much near the beach as possible. And you must focus on making the house as much comfortable and inviting as possible. You can then make an online presence with your site or blog, or may tie up with associations and real estate management groups to offer your vacation home at rent. You can also later  sell it to another owner on getting a good value, and may invest on other properties in Kemer as you get more experienced with your hospitality business.


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