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Of the dozen odd destinations along the Mediterranean Coast, Southern Turkey offers fabulous opportunities for real estate investments. Whether you are a citizen of Turkey or a foreigner, Living in Antalya, Turkey, could be a fun experience. Apart from the choice of property in Antalya, the city has many activities and events happening all through the year that you can never get bored. The Oktoberfest, for instance, is such a hit with the foreign nationals already living in Antalya that it could give the confidence of investing in real estate in Antalya.

Many Attractions in the City
Besides the festivals, like the Oktoberfest and Sand festival and the Blues festival, there are many attractions that could keep your interest in the place. Some of the historical monuments can be visited, and the Antalya Aquarium and Dolphinland can keep your kids very interested and keen to visit. There are also adventure sports and other activities making Antalya a great choice for you to find the best locations to purchase overseas properties or bargain real estate around ANTALYA. You might need a Turkish Residence Permit for which you will have to approach the right agency and get it processed.

Look for Properties in Antalya
If you wish to find accommodation in Antalya, browse through the properties for sale and there will be many listed. There will be apartments of all sizes and types; there will be houses and villas and so on. If your preference is for beachfront apartments Antalya, take your pick and move ahead. As far as the apartments for sale Antalya is concerned, there will be many options to choose from; 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 are regular. Then as you move up the scale, there will be the 3+1 duplex flats on offer. The best property in Antalya in the apartment category would be the penthouses. Of course, there will only be a few penthouses available since there will be only 1 or 2 per tower. The next type of Antalya homes will be the villas. Even within this category, you are sure to find some variety. A villa in Turkey in Antalya can be a standalone property with exclusive swimming pool and covered car parking facility and so on. In many cases, the villas are constructed as part of a large complex and some facilities can be shared, like the centralized satellite television signals and so on. The villas afford a certain level of privacy too.

Great Facilities Inside and Outside Too
One interesting feature with the houses in Antalya is that the builders and sellers offer them with complete furniture and furnishings. These would include the provision of split type air conditioners in the living rooms and the bed rooms. Besides, they would complete the kitchen with the latest modular cabinets for storage and the hob, the extractor and the appliances like the refrigerator are also normally part of the price quoted for the properties in Antalya. This can be seen on 90% of the properties sold. As a foreigner, this is even more convenient to move into the house and start living, but there is sufficient clarity on the price of the property.

On the outside, the common areas in most of the residential projects in Antalya would be fully utilized in making the life of the residents relaxed and comfortable. There will be nicely manicured lawns and gardens, an open swimming pool with a provision for kids to use with a shallow end as well and also provisions for outdoor sporting activities like tennis, volleyball and basketball. These are the general facilities but can vary from project to project. Some provide an additional indoor pool with heating arrangement and a Turkish bath and sauna even. Then there would invariably a fitness center, with the latest gym equipment. The list of amenities keeps growing and improving depending on the builder or the project.

Are You Looking as the Rental Scenario?
Keep the above mentioned points in mind if your intention is to buy a house in Antaya. If you are keen to rent house in Antalya either for an extended vacation or while still waiting for a residence permit to live and work in Turkey, there are many options here also. The best way is always to seek out a good property consultant who would have the database of the Best vacation rentals and houses in ANTALYA and can suggest the best for you. You could look at the location, the size of the accommodation and the additional benefits you are getting.
Whether you are buying real estate in Antalya or just renting out one, there are cheap properties, and you only need the right kind of agency with years of experience behind them. They can surely provide you with the house you need, within the minimum amount of time. You can also explore the possibility of finding real estate for sale with flexible Installments-payment plan.


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