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Belek is one of the most beautiful places in the Antalya province in Turkey. The place has been under a bird’s eye watch of not just visitors who are vacation and nature lovers, but also business lovers. Yes, that’s right! Business here in Turkey has been flourishing highly, and the sole credit goes to the demographics and the booming tourism sector here in Turkey. That is why investors looking forward to starting some fresh business in the tourism friendly towns are investing on vacation homes near the beach Belek.

Belek, being a small town, with nice accommodation facilities for the tourists, promises health and entertainment both. There is a beach here, and golf course too, making the small town more amiable for the tourists. People planning short and long vacations often flock to the beautiful town of Belek and search homes in Belek to stay for a few days, weeks or months. If you are planning to invest in some cheapest properties here, to use them in the future as vacation homes in Belek, then you will have to do some preparations.

People in Belek are already dependent on tourists for their revenues, as the town is operated mostly by Golf loving and beach loving tourists who come and go. As this Turkish town promises great revenue when invested for tourism, many business owners outside Turkey are taking interest here. The easiest way to get a living here while you stay in ease is by getting a residence permit to live and work in Turkey. We are in key properties work alongside with you to make sure that you get your  Turkish residence permit, by applying with all your documents, and assist you to  buy houses in Belek. You may even rent a house for a long-term or lease it.

 The system of getting a residence and work permit in Turkey is quite easy. You will have to apply to the Provincial directorate of Immigration Administration. They are the authority to give the work permit and residence permit. There are two types of residence permits. One is for a short stay, for 1 year. Then after one year, the permit can be extended. Once you have completed 5 years this way, and have been doing business in Turkey without going off the country for long, you can then apply for the Turkish id which you no longer need to apply for a residence.
 you can purchase a cheap property of your choice, and that’s will allow you to get your permission to stay in Belek , and you can find a lot of properties which will be near the golf courses in Belek. Now, Belek is famous for its beaches and golf courses. That is why people coming here for a vacation are mostly golfers or golf lovers. As golf courses are not available in every nice holiday destination, the places which have golf courses get a special segment of the crowd.

You can therefore present your property and advertise it as one of the golf villas in Belek. For that, you must buy apartments near golf courses. This way, people will take interest in your vacation home to get easy access to the golf course nearby. To buy the property, you must keep an eye on the property sale notices. Old businessmen leaving the town and many real estate agents give advertisements stating apartments for sale Belek. If you keep a close check on houses for sale in Belek, you will find some attractive property near the Golf courses. And they may also be at a convenient location to reach the beach and the markets. Then you should buy the property while negotiating for the cheapest price. Once your property starts getting attention from tourists, you will start multiplying money soon.
To get the attention, you should be particular about a few things. Your visa and work permit in turkey should be legal and clean. You must have a valid residence permit to avoid any legal harassment in the future. You should also prepare the vacation rental such that it gets a score among the best vacation rentals and houses in Belek.

People, who take interest in holidaying, and parallelly in golf, always plan to stay for long. For such guests, you should keep the property hospitable and cosy. After doing business for a few years or a year, when you have earned more than you had invested, you can then look for another business or continue with this. You may also acquire more vacation homes near golf courses in Belek. This way your business will also multiply. You should always keep a check on the new and old apartments for sale Belek has.
A great way to start with all these is by first getting yourself settled in Belek, and take a good sniff of the life and culture there in Belek. You can play some golf, and explore the markets, beaches and the nearby interests in and around the town. This way, you will soon become an encyclopaedia for tourist information, and will be ready to do good business.

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