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Kas, an important tourism centre in Turkey, besides being a water sports centre is also a great place to start your real estate business. Owing to the low cost of living in this city of Turkey, real estate for sale with flexible payment plans is available here. And foreigners often take interest in buying property in Kas to rent them as holiday homes in Kas. The beach city in Turkey is 168 km westwards of Antalya city, and is a tourist hotspot for its water activities and attractions.

Tourists enjoy yachting, fishing, sea diving and many other water sports type of activities here in Kas. That is the main attraction here. The dry summers and warm and wet winters make it a tourist hotspot through the year. Though agriculture is practised here and in the adjoining hills, but the main revenue for the people in the city comes from tourism. To flourish tourism even more in the city, locals have been investing in beachfront rentals in Kas. Even foreigners, who need the Turkish residence permit are also acquiring their residence permit to live and work in Turkey for dwelling in Kas, and start their own business.

The process to start with your vacation home business in Kas is by searching properties in Turkey, which are available at cheap rates, and are in front of the beach. If you get sea view apartments in Kas, which are for-sale, try to grab the deal by negotiating well. To buy house in Kas, you simply need the Turkish work and residence permit, and the money you would first invest. Once you have bought the villa, you can furnish it, decorate with modern standards, and present it as one of the prestigious and affordable ocean view villas in Kas.

The tourists coming to Kas look for a comfortable place to stay near the beach, which will also be at a comfortable distance from the other amenities like markets, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. If your villa is also within a comfortable distance from these while being closely placed beside the sea, then your guests will have a nice stay. You would also be able to ask for higher rents as per the location of the house.
Kas has all the right ingredients to attract tourists, and the place never runs out of tourists. You will always get one or the other party as tenant. The vacation homes and cheap villas in Kas which are sea facing never stay vacant. They are always occupied by tourists owning to the high demand of the sea facing villas. If your villa is also a sea facing one, you will always get guests.

Now, there are various ways to multiply money through the real estate business in Kas. You can invest initially in a cheap property in Kas to just start rolling the job. Initially, you will invest as much as you can afford after maintaining your expenditures to stay abroad. It may happen that you won’t get a lucrative sea facing house in Kasas soon as you start your search for properties in Kas. So, you may have to settle with a cheap accommodation in mint condition a little far from the beach. But later, when you start  getting the response to your vacation home by giving it off for rent at lower costs, you can start making money and start saving too. Slowly, as the house starts to build its reputation, though not for the location, but for the hospitality, or food, or other massage or spa amenities, you can raise the bar.

Later when you have raised enough money for your next investment, you can put the current property for sale in Kas. You will get a lot of new business owners who, like you, would negotiate to a cheaper price to get the property. On getting the right price, you can definitely sell it off, and pursue for a better beachfront villa. This way, within a few years, you will be able to acquire some good real estate in Kas to continue your hospitality business.

Since, tourism will continue to grow in Kas, your business will never get dry. You will always get tenants, and will be able to spread the business to other cities in Turkey too, with the same work permit. While you stay in Kas, you must look for cheap properties with good instalment plans in Kas. On getting some good houses, you may buy them and expand the business.

Kas is totally a tourist centric city, and people here earn their living because of the tourists they get. That is why investing in properties in Kas will always give you the yield. In peak seasons when all tourists don’t get a beach side house because of high competition, then they would search for a similar good accommodation in the little interiors. And then the villas in the interior also would get rented. Thus vacation home business will always flourish in Kas.

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