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One of the major tourist centers of Turkey is the resort town of Kemer, which is located just 42 kms south of Antalya in Turkey. If you have not visited Kemer in the district of Antalya Province of Turkey during the 1960s or 1970s, you would not be able to imagine that how much the city has changed over the last couple of decades. Even until late 1980s what used to be a small and charming Mediterranean village along the coast of the Mediterranean, has transformed itself to a thriving tourist spot; thanks to the amazing natural landscape of the place.

The story behind the transformation of Kemer;

With the Taurus (locals call it Toros) Mountains in the backdrop and the breathtaking views of the pine forests, the beach and the marina, today Kemer is considered as one of the most important tourist spots in Turkey. The stony beaches of Kemer, which stretch from Beldibi to Tekirova have been attracting tourists from all corners of the world. To accommodate these tourists, there are multiple cheap villas in Kemer. For those who want an exotic stay can opt for the beachfront homes in Kemer as that would provide mesmerizing views of the water body.
The fact that Kemer has developed rapidly over the last thirty years, proves that there is huge scope for further investment in this place. As most tourists prefer staying close to the beach, demand for a house near the sea in Kemer is very high. The locals, lots of wealthy people, have already been investing a lot on real estate in Kemer. The city which didn’t have any three storied buildings even twenty years back, now is full of multistoried buildings, which proves that real estate has been a booming industry in Kemer, and it has played a major role behind the development of the city from a small rural village to a highly sought-after  tourist destination on the map of Turkey.

Real Estate is a booming industry in Kemer ;

If you want to make a mark for yourself, you can also try to look for homes for sale in Kemer and start your own business. Either you can buy a house or a villa and use it for vacation rentals for tourists, or you can become one of the real estate brokers Kemer based who would help the investors who are interested in making investment in Kemer and are looking for best locations to purchase overseas properties. You can also get into the business of buying apartments in Kemer and selling them off to interested investors.
If you can create your identity as a successful real estate guy in the city of Kemer, you would be able to go for properties real estate for sale with flexible installment payment plans as well. However, as per Turkish law, if you are a foreigner, you would be allowed to live and do business in Kemer or other cities of Turkey only when you get the Turkish Residence permit. It is very important that you arrange for the residence permit to live and work in Turkey, as without this you would not be allowed to stay in the country for more than 90 days and your dream of becoming a successful real estate personality would go down the drains.

Learn more about the residence permit ;

The Turkish residence permit that is being given to foreigners is of two types. However, before knowing about the two types of the permit it is important that you know that when would the Turkish Government issue this permit to you. You would be given the residence permit to live and work in Turkey only when you have some immovable property in the Turkish soil, or you are about to establish some form of business connection with Turkey. The two types of permits that can be obtained are the short term residence permit and the long-term residence permit. permit.
With the short term residence permit, a foreign individual is allowed to reside in Kemer or any other city of Turkey for a maximum period of one year. Once the allowed period of one year would be over, the concerned individual can apply for an extension. This way, one has to stay in Kemer or any other city of Turkey for a period of eight years, post which the individual can apply for a long-term residence permit. permit.
Once you get your hands on the long-term residence permit permit in Turkey, you can stay in the country for an indefinite period of time. Many foreign investors wait for getting the long-term residence permit before they invest full-fledged on a dwelling in Kemer as if their long term permit is denied due to any unforeseen cause, the investment would turn out to be a bad one. 

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