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When some of the exotic destinations in Sothern Turkey are mentioned, the relics of the Roman Empire, in particular, the Apollo Temple in Side, are never missed. It is one of the many historic sites in this town. If you took a flight to Antalya, Side falls on the way to Alanya, maybe at about half the distance. Side has indeed developed in the last 20 years as a very remarkable destination for both domestic travelers and foreign tourists alike. The place has so much to offer; one can go on fishing expeditions and engage in some water sports like diving and so on. The white-sand beaches of the Mediterranean are yet another attraction for the families holidaying in Side. 
Real Estate Development
With the rapid expansion of tourism, a lot of hotel accommodations have come up, but it has also led to development of many properties in the town. There are properties for sale in Side and also rent apartment in Side, which attract investors from many countries. There are three or four categories of people who search apartments in Side. The first category would include, people living in Side or in other places in Turkey, who would like to buy a house in the town and settle down. They could be already permanent citizens of Turkey. The second lot would be those wanting to get a residence permit to live and work in Turkey and would like to look for Homes for sale in Sideif this is where their workplace  is located. The third category could be the typical foreign resident looking to find a second home to spend their holidays in. They could buy house in Nantucket or any other locality in Side and also obtain a Turkish Residence Permit and stay here for as long as they want. The last category would be purely for rental accommodation in terms of the Best vacation rentals and houses in SİDE. These are generally people from Europe who spend long vacations in such coastal towns, and they prefer family accommodations and can make their own food instead of making heavy payments to hotels; they prefer the   vacant apartments in Side and rent them.

Those Who Wish to Buy Have Many Choices
If you belong to the category of people keen on investing in property in Side, there is no need to look very far. There are real estate consultants in Side who will be representing the builders of beachfront apartments side based or other properties or the owners themselves who may be selling their home of Side. Their catalogue would be full of offers for sale and rentals of House, villas and properties of every type, size, price and so on. It will make your task of selecting a property you want and move to the next stage of finalizing the deal.
There are Properties for Every Taste
If you are familiar with the latest developments in the real estate sector in Turkey, especially along the Mediterranean Coast in the South, you will not be surprised by the sheer variety and types of accommodation you can get to choose from here. You can get a small compact flat if you are planning to stay alone or at best just you and your spouse. If you have a family and need more space and bedrooms you can look for the 2+1 residential apartments that will be of around 90 to 105square meters in size and 2 bedrooms a large living room and kitchen and bathrooms and one or two balconies will be available at reasonable prices. If you are comfortable buying a used apartment or villa in Side also, the choices will be there. If you wish to buy a house in Nantucket, then also you can tell your requirements to the house brokers in Side, and they can locate one for you.   
The facilities in the residential complexes are second to none. The apartments and houses are finished to superior looks and with best quality materials. Most buildings are provided with lifts and a supervisor and 24/7 security. The individual flats will have the camera and intercom facility to regulate the visitors to the apartments. The internet and television facilities are also catered to through a centralized system. Most European channels can be watched on the TVs.

When you Buy apartment in Side, you can also get the benefit from the facilities provided by the builders inside the complexes. There would be the swimming pools, gardens, Clubs, Games, both indoor and outdoor and so on.

In terms of the location also, you can opt for the best locations to purchase overseas properties or bargain real estate around the SİDE and after making a personal inspection, make the purchase. If you also need financial assistance, insist on the real estate consultant suggesting to you only the real estate for sale with flexible Installments-payment plan. You can then enjoy the rest of your life in Side taking in all the beauty of the place.  

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